Chloe (Mummy to 5 month old), VIC

Baby Sleep Consultant Melbourne

"Michelle from Dreambaby has seriously been a godsend for me and my family! I was rocking my son to sleep, quite often it would take me longer to get him to sleep than he would actually stay asleep! Now, I give him a cuddle, set him down and he goes to sleep peacefully! Even with cutting 2 teeth, things have been so much easier, we have a happier baby and he isn't overtired anymore! Not only am I having success with settling my son, but my husband is so much more confident with him now too. I can't thank Michelle enough!"

Erin (Mummy to 11 month old), VIC​

Baby Sleep Consultant Melbourne

"I can't thank Michelle enough, she transformed our night owl into a peaceful sleeping Angel! I have been to many sleep schools with my bubba & failed, but Michelle waved her magic wand & we have a sleeping baby yeah!" 

Emma (Mummy to 10 month old), WA

Baby Sleep Consultant Melbourne

"Wow! Can't thank Michelle enough! After going pretty much 10 months without a full nights sleep, by night 4 of sleep training we were! Her comprehensive and clear sleep plan worked a treat. We have now gone 5 nights of sleeping through the night and couldn't be happier. Michelle was very prompt at replying to emails and was always there to answer questions. Have already recommended her to friends!" 

Justin (Daddy to 12 month old), VIC​​

Baby Sleep Consultant Melbourne

"On the second night of working with Michelle, our daughter only woke up once and had to be resettled and the next few nights she slept right through every time. We couldn't believe it! We kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, that it was a trick or a fluke somehow, but sure enough, she continues to sleep through each night and if she wakes, puts herself back to sleep in no time at all. It felt like a miracle and we still can't believe it was as simple as Michelle pointed out. We did have plenty of questions along the way and because each child is different, Michelle could offer tweaks and solutions tailored specifically to our daughter's needs. I feel incredibly appreciative of Michelle's assistance and would recommend her training and assistance to anyone struggling with their child's sleep cycles." 

Hayley (Mummy to 8 month old baby girl)

Baby Sleep Consultant Melbourne

"Our lives have been completely transformed! We are now getting so much more sleep as a family, and are so much happier as a result. Thank you so much, Michelle!"

Amy (Mummy to 6 month old baby boy), VIC


"Michelle has been a real life saver! Before her help my son was waking every 2.5 hours overnight, cat napping during the day and used a dummy. After 10 days with Michelle's help he started having decent day time sleeps, started sleeping all night and gave up the dummy. What a transformation! Michelle's program was easy to follow, made sense and had options depending on what we were comfortable. Michelle's ongoing support kept us on track and meant any questions we had we addressed as they arose.Thrilled with the results! Massive thank you Michelle for all your help"

Nicole (Mummy to 21 month old), VIC

"I would highly recommend Michelle, she was absolutely amazing! I followed her advice and within 3 days I was able to put my son to bed and walk out (that is huge for us)! He is now staying in his own bed (sleeping through the night) and mummy and daddy get to enjoy their sleep again. Thanks again from one very happy well rested mummy."

Lisa (Mummy to 9 month old), TAS

Cooper had been walking 7-10 times per night for almost 5 months. When he was 9 months old I sought out Michelle's help and advice. Within 2 nights he was only waking once a night, within a week he started to sleep through the night. This was all done through following what Michelle said about routine and settling and was gentle on Cooper and on me. I couldn't possibly recommend speaking to Michelle enough!!

Nicky (Mummy to 11 month old), VIC

"This has been the best thing I have done in a long time! Michelle has been fantastic throughout the whole process, from assisting me with my initial questions right through until after we completed the training. The plan Michelle provided for our 11month old was clear and easy to follow. I also appreciated that is was flexible in the way that it allowed for my own beliefs about settling to be included. This meant that our training was gentle on all of us whilst still achieving the results of a long restful night sleep. I would recommend Michelle and Dreambaby Soltuions to any parents wanting to learn some new techniques to help their babies get to sleep and stay asleep for longer!

Tarisai (Mummy to 3.5 month old baby girl), QLD

This here is a life saving service! The sleep plan was very accurate for my baby and it provided a wealth of information. This service is customised and achieves results, I would highly recommend it."

Hayley (Mummy to 23 month old baby girl)

"Cannot recommend highly enough - with Dreambaby's custom made sleep plan, Miss C (almost 2) went from fighting sleep for an hour or more, being unable to self settle and waking through the night (then tantruming until she came into our bed) to sleeping through the night in her own bed within DAYS.
Thank you Michelle for giving me some much needed sleep and my sanity back!!

Michelle (Mummy to 24 month old baby boy)

Michelle was great with her tips for our troublesome 2yr old and his sleeping issues.   She was happy to respond to emails at any time and worked with us to complete a sleeping plan for him. Would definitely recommend her to friends or family.

Stephanie (Mummy to 8 month old baby boy), VIC

Michelle is fantastic. Her knowledge on babies and sleep is exceptional.
The support she provides is wonderful. Her approach is great; I really appreciated her kind and caring nature. I felt very comfortable welcoming her into our home and introducing her to our family.
The ongoing support provided after the face to face consult is very valuable as things pop up and change along the way and it’s so helpful being able to send her an email and receive responses within the same day, sometimes within only a couple of hours!
We highly recommend Michelle’s services.

Anthea (Mummy to 6 month old baby boy), VIC

Michelle was really helpful and supportive.
She gave us the plan we needed and the structure that we were missing in our previous training efforts.
Her support kept us going when we felt like giving up.
We made a lot of progress with our sleep training and our little boy Andre is happier than ever.

Kitty (Mummy to 24 month old baby girl), VIC

We are really happy with the results with Harper's sleeping plan and how quickly she has responded to the training. We felt supported throughout the week and better equipped to handle our toddlers sleeping habits.
Thank you again!

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