Our Techniques

Baby Sleep Consultant Melbourne

We know how it feels to hear our own baby cry and that’s why where possible, we will do all that we can to keep your baby’s tears to a minimum.

We DO NOT train our clients with the ‘Cry It Out’ (CIO) method. 

Our techniques are much gentler and customised to your family's needs!

How could we expect you to leave your baby alone over a long period of time to cry him/herself to sleep, without being able to offer comfort? We know that we couldn’t, it’s just not what we believe in.

What we do believe in is a bedtime routine that is enjoyed by both the parents and baby, not something that you dread! If your baby is upset and crying out for you, why shouldn't you be able to go in within a reasonable time and comfort him/her?

In addition to providing individual guidance and support, some of the areas that our training will focus on includes:

Settling Techniques

  • Showing you gentle settling techniques that will help your baby settle faster and will also improve his/her sleep (not just put your baby back to sleep).

Independent Sleep

  • Teaching you how to assist your baby to sleep on his/her own, not relying on you to put him/her to sleep.

Sleep Environment

  • Providing advice on what the ideal sleeping environment for a baby is.

Overnight Waking

  • Helping to teach you how to manage over night wakings and even stop completely.


  • Assisting you to create an age appropriate daytime routine which will also improve naps and illuminating overnight wakings.
  • Teaching you how to establish an effective bed time routine

Plus much, much more!!!


“Will I be leaving my baby to cry?”
If you are envisioning that you will be leaving your baby alone to ‘cry it out’ for a long period of time and not go in to give comfort, NO WAY!! How could we expect anyone to do this, when we couldn’t even do this ourselves. We offer gentle settling techniques and we will work with what is the best fit for your baby/family and what you are comfortable with.  

“My baby has just always been a bad sleeper.”
Most babies are not ‘just bad sleepers’. They just need to learn ways to improve their habits and that’s where we can help!

“I have tried sleep training techniques and it doesn’t work.”
Assisting your baby to sleep can be like a puzzle. If there is one piece missing, it just won’t work. We are here to assist you in putting all of the pieces together and guide you every step of the way. We are only an an email away.

“When will my baby sleep through the night?.”
Unfortunately there is no one answer as all babies are different. I have worked with some babies that have never slept through the night and after our consultation, they slept through after the very first night!

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